Aora The 1 Kit


Aora The 1 Kit Chrome + rainbow Hologram Pigments & 4 most popular chrome


1. Push back cuticle and remove shine from natural nails.

2. Apply Grip Base gel and cure.

3. Apple gel color of your choice and cure.

4. Apply a second coat of color get if needed and cure.

5. Use non-lint wipe with alcohol, remove the tacky layer of the color gel. (recommend: No Wipe gel top coat)

6. Apply thin and even coat of A-Ora Base Gel and Cure 30 seconds

7. Use your applicator and apply the liquid Polymers, Chrome or rainbow Hologram (start from cuticle and work down).

8. Use non-lint wipe with alcohol carefully to remove the free edges.

9. Apply Grip Base Gel (also cover the free edges and cure).

10. Apply one coat of A-Ora Top Gel and Cure for 1 minute.

Kit Contents:

1 x 14 ml Grip Base

1 x 14 ml Aora Base Gel

1 x 14 ml Aora Top Gel

3 x 1g Liquid Polymers

1 x 1g Chrome Silver

1 x 1g Chrome gold

1 x 1g Rainbow hologram

1 x Applicator

This item: Aora The 1 Kit
1 × Aora 3D Gel Electro Phoresis, GEP Kit #2

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